About three quarters of us are happy with our current job but occasionally feel "burnt out" at work.

Some of the biggest frustrations include:

1.  Long hours that interfere with your personal life.

2.  Not enough opportunities for advancement.

3.  Unclear job expectations.

4.  A bad relationship with your boss.

5.  Not enough training to do your job.

Workers are also slightly less confident in the overall U.S. economy than they were a year ago. Three-of-five (60 percent) say they are very or fairly confident that the American economy will be in good shape in a year's time – down from 64 percent in the 2018 Work Confidence survey.

As a side note 6 in 10 of us are happy with our income, but 3 out of 10 of us have a second or side-job.

I can identify...I sometimes get frustrated that we don't have room service here at the radio station.  But on an up note...the coffee here took the rust off of my patio furniture.

(Work Confidence Survey)


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