It's Funny Friday which means it's time for my '30 Second Comedy Minute' where I only feature comedic talent from Western New York.  I do this because this area is a hot bed for comedy, and because it's easier on me.


Today's comedian is new to the scene but is making his way up the comedy flagpole in a very funny way - Senneca Stone.  He started doing comedy at 32, and a short year and a half later he is opening up for some heavy hitters at Helium Comedy Club.


A native of Olean, NY, Senneca grew up poor and has a hilarious take on what that was like.  If you missed him on the show today you can hear it all right here.

For more on Senneca you can follow him on Facebook or on Twitter @senneca_stone, and see any upcoming shows he may be on in Buffalo, Pittsburgh, or Oklahoma City. That's a wide range so there's no excuse not to see him!


  • Born and raised: In Olean, NY. College at St. Bonaventure. I derive most of my material from growing up in a small town, being poor and raised in a large dysfunctional family. I've always used humor as a coping mechanism.
  • Age started doing comedy: 32. I wanted to do stand up my whole life but never lived in a city. So only I started comedy 1.5 years ago. A real newbie. I am forever grateful to the folks at Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo who took a chance on me to host a weekend only 10 months into starting comedy.  Now I regularly get shows at Helium. So I guess it worked out for me.
  • First Place Performed: My first place I did standup was at Milkie's on Elmwood. The second time was at a place in Pittsburgh, PA.  Trying to get as much stage time as possible and sleeping on friends' couches.
  • Favorite Comedian: I would say either Bill Hicks or Dave Chappelle. I like political and edgy. So not surprisingly, Seinfeld never resonated with me. I like people who were mad or frustrated and saying something about our world with meaning. Poor people don't have the time to get upset with the day to day small stuff. The big picture is making their life miserable. (Am I on a soapbox?)
  • Little Known Fact: I don't know how to wink. The thing that babies can do, I can't. The funniest 5 minute set I could ever do would be to get on stage and have an audience watch me try and fail to wink. Also, I am still SUPER afraid of the dark. I still turn off the light, and run and jump onto the bed with my eyes closed. Terrified a murderer, will pop up out of the shadows. I'm pathetic.

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