It's Funny Friday, which means it's time for my '30 Second Comedy Minute' where we only feature local talent from this great city of ours.  Some of the comedians have moved on from Buffalo but will always consider this place their home.


Today's comedian is from and still lives in Buffalo, and is the 2016 winner of Buffalo's Funniest Contest at Helium Comedy Club.  Kevin has only been doing comedy for a few years but has immediately struck a chord with audiences all across Western New York. He has a deep voice, smooth delivery, and his sense of humor is refreshing.


If you missed today's joke you can hear it again here.  Kevin is a teacher by day, and this is a small sample of what that life is like in that profession.

Kevin hosts a show at Babeville called the 'Laugh and Other Drugs' showcase, and the next shows are May 25th and July 14th.  I will be on the May 25th show so if you needed one more reason to go hopefully that doesn't deter you.  You can also follow Kevin on Twitter @Kevin_Thomas_Jr, and see him around town at a local show.


  • Born and raised: Buffalo, NY
  • Age started doing comedy:  27
  • First Place Performed: Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo
  • Favorite Comedian(s): Todd Barry, Patrice O'Neal, Bill Burr, Brian Regan, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Louis C.K., Ted Alexandro, and rappers.
  • What Else: Winner of Buffalo's Funniest in 2016 and host of Babeville's Laugh and Other Drugs showcase.

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