I love Funny Friday's because it gives us a chance to spotlight local talent on the comedy scene here in Buffalo.  All of the comedians we use are born and raised in this great city of ours, whether they still live here or not.


Today's comic is Jameel Key.  Jameel was born and lives in Buffalo, and ever since he hit the comedy stage he has been making audiences laugh.  His quick delivery and relatable style has made him a favorite among comedy crowds.  He has performed all over town, has been a steady feature at Helium Comedy Club, and has placed annually in the Buffalo Funniest Comedian Contest.


If you missed Jameel on the show today you can hear it again here.  He is doing a joke that we can all relate too, unless you have never owned a car!

You can catch Jameel at Helium Comedy Club on a showcase show April 5th, and if you want to follow him on Twitter you can @jdash1.


  • Born and raised: Buffalo, NY
  • Age started doing comedy: 33, but technically the first time was when I was 17 in a high school talent show.  It was so bad that it scared me from doing comedy for 16 years!
  • First Place Performed: Helium Comedy Club open mic
  • Favorite Comedian: Growing up it was Martin Lawrence, Reggie Mcfadden and JB Smooth...later on it was Dave Attell and Dave Chappelle.
  • What Else: You can see me at Helium Comedy Club on April 5th, make that happen!

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