Well, it's a new year.  How can we make work a bit more a breeze this year?  It's a fun question, so, here at the Breeze 96.1  we looked into it.  You are already doing one thing to help-Listening to 96.1 The Breeze, your relaxing favorites at work, but according to the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI) there are things you can do right now to make work, well less work-y


1.  Breathe. SIYLI writes,

This might seem obvious because you're hopefully breathing as you read this, but focusing on your breath is an essential way to make yourself calm and centered.  When you feel stressed at work, take a moment to do your mindful minute exercises.  Focus on your breath and being present to restore your calm.

Here are other tips on the list, you can read more on silyli.org.

2. Listen.  For example, instead of responding to every demand during the day, take a beat to ask for more information so you can make a thoughtful response or reaction.  Seeing a theme here?  Don't just react, respond thoughtfully.

3. Empathize.  Always take a beat to...

Try and understand what your colleagues want and what they are feeling.

4. Identify.  Work on self-reflection this year. Become your own champion through self-knowledge, so ask yourself questions, such as 'Do I feel unappreciated?'

Do Less. As the article from SIYLI says,

Doing less means that instead of multi-tasking and dividing your attention between several different projects, you concentrate on doing one task at a time.

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