I've been fortunate enough to have been born and raised in Buffalo, NY. I say fortunate, because as we know living in Western New York, the food here is phenomenal. In fact, other than the Bills, Sabres and people, it's the thing people love about this place.

The food scene in Buffalo has morphed over the years. Really, the restaurants have morphed over the years. There are so many great restaurants that have gone away over time and it's left us with nothing but nostalgia.

There are certain places that our parents loved taking us to growing up. You know the ones. They're usually diners. If not diners, then something charming with it; buffets, popcorn, peanuts, kid specials, etc.

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I grew up in north Amherst, so there were plenty of places to go to growing up. It's a shame these places aren't really around anymore. If they are, they're not here in Western New York anymore.

Here are 10 restaurants in Buffalo are parents took us to growing up.

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