If you have a keen eye you may have seen them from the 190.  Better, yet, if you drive along the Niagara River at Black Rock Canal Park, you have certainly seen them.

What?  Poles with white pods that look like nothing else.  My daughter, Joelle asked me about them the other day.  So, was fun to find the answer in Buffalo Rising

They spoke with Dan Rizzo, Commissioner of Parks, Recreation & Forestry at Erie County,

who explained that US Fish and Wildlife Service purchased purple martin nesting poles for a number of locations along the Niagara River. BRCP is one of those spots. Apparently, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will be providing informational signage (wayfinding materials), which will explain the presence of the wildlife conservation installations.

Unlike typical eco-installation, the hope is not just to look fun, but also create habitats for birds that love to hang around in the area.


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