With all of these new job opportunities, some people have thought about traveling for work. Here are the pros and cons.



I am a busy SuperMom so really traveling for work is out of the question for me. It's ok if there are conventions, and workshops but to have anything over 50 percent travel is just not conducive to my lifestyle.

Here are some of the pro's

1. Get out of the office. Being caught in a cubicle all day can be suffocating. This allows you to explore!

2. You are experiencing a new city/town/state/ and even country. This in and of itself is amazing!

3. Collecting hotel points. I once dated a guy who racked up so many hotel points that he would just go on vacation and have the hotel rooms paid for because he traveled so much. Definitely a perk

4. Eating out at new restaurants. This is certainly a perk.


Here are the con's:

1. Being away from family. Personally, I couldn't be away from my daughter. I like being the Super Mom.

2. Dealing with airports and delays. This is sooo annoying and can jack up your schedule really easy.

3. Trying to stay in shape while on the road. Even though, a lot of the hotels have a fitness center, the majority of people simply don't use it.

4. 34% of people stated that when they travel for work they work harder and longer to keep up with work demands.

So there you have it. Would you travel for work?

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