If you like to have a good time and get a little crazy when you do go out, it looks like Buffalo is the perfect city for you!

The website Thrillist.com recently named the most fun and craziest bar in every state in the US and well the place to be in New York is right here in Buffalo!

According to the article, the most fun and craziest bar is The Old Pink on Allen Street!

The reason why is:

"This massive, graffiti-covered dive in Allentown is the end-of-the-night choice for every discerning Buffalo drinker, where UB college kids cram in next to manufacturing workers, doctors take shots with off-duty cops, and nobody seems to care what anybody does or how much they make. The crescendo of crazy peaks around 3am, when the hordes leaving other, more-refined bars find their way here and drink cheap liquor to catch up with everyone else. By closing time at 4am, the crowd hasn’t thinned out much, with most of the people looking for where to keep the party going after the lights come on."

Have you ever been to The Old Pink? Do you know a crazier bar? Let us know!

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