As I mentioned earlier, I did some home-improvement(ish) stuff over break.  Nothing huge, just some stuff I've never done before, since this is the first home I've ever owned.

Before the grouting project could begin, I did what EVERYONE seems to do when they don't know exactly how to do something -- I went to YouTube.  There are literally thousands of videos, all claiming to have the best, fastest, cleanest, most efficient method.  I found the SHORTEST VIDEO* and watched intently.  I watched it no less than 10 times over the 4 days leading up to my trip to Lowe's.  I sat with a pen and paper and wrote every possible item I might need to buy (remember, I'm a new homeowner, so I literally own NO tools that most "experienced" homeowners already have).

It didn't go as simply as I thought it would, but it's done, very unprofessionally.


HALF of us don't bother trying to remember stuff anymore, according to a recent survey.  When we need to know something, we just instantly hop on Google or YouTube and get an immediate answer (and subsequently, almost 30% of us immediately forget what we found).

So we asked...what's the dumbest thing you've watched a YouTube tutorial on?  What's something you said to yourself "I can't believe I'm looking up how to do this...."?

Heather / W. Seneca: I had to watch a YouTube video on how to remove a bee's nest my husband is allergic and we had a huge one on the front of our house I felt stupid having to watch a tutorial but it got the job done

Unknown: I actually had to Google how to preheat my oven I am 41 years old and I couldn't figure it out. it's in the oven by the way

Wilma / Buffalo: My bf YouTube how to change the tire of my SUV. He's 42

*This guy's video was helpful, but barely ANY of what I did worked the way he said it would!


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