Don't get ready to move just yet, but I'm going to pass along something that may or may not surprise you.  A new study found that the closer you live to nature, the HAPPIER you are.

The study found that people within walking distance of parks . . . or other open areas  tend to have higher levels of self-worth and overall life satisfaction.

Interestingly, they discovered that living close to nature and greenery is more relevant to mental health than income level, employment, and overall health.

The study specifically looked at places like parks, or open fields in cities and suburban areas.

Being within walking distance had the biggest impact.

Living within 1,000 feet of a two-and-a-half acre park was associated with an 8% bump in overall life satisfaction.

“We believe this it is the first study to demonstrate how urban green spaces may improve a broader definition of mental wellbeing,” comments Dr. Victoria Houlden in a media release.“A lot of research focuses on poor mental health, or single aspects of wellbeing like life satisfaction. What makes our work different is the way we consider multi-dimensional mental wellbeing, in terms of happiness, life satisfaction and worth.”

(Study Finds)

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