It may be hard to believe but when it comes to happiness in the United States, New York isn't doing as badly as you might think.

What is it that makes you truly happy?  Is it job security and satisfaction?  Is it emotional well being?  When it comes to some of those factors, how does the state that you're living in affect them for you?

According to a study from Wallethub, New York is actually doing pretty well!  New York has ranked in the top 20 when it comes to the happiest states in America.  The factors that were considered in the study were depression rates, positive COVID-19 testing rates, income growth and unemployment rates.  If you're wondering what the positive COVID-19 testing rates have to do with happiness, the logic was that the pandemic has disrupted life as we know it, causing sickness, limiting social interactions and leading to widespread job losses.  So if there are lower numbers of COVID-19, people would therefore be happier.

The state that showed to be happiest with those factors was Hawaii.  Evidently, it's hard not to be happy when you live on a beautiful tropical island.  Who knew?

West Virginia scored the lowest in this study.  New York was 17th.  We also had the:

  • Third lowest share of adult depression
  • Top lowest suicide rate
  • Fourth lowest volunteer rate
  • Ranked 16th best for both number of work hour and separation and divorce rate

New York did really well on the Emotional and Physical Well Being rank (6th), but was in the bottom when it came to "Work Environment" and "Community and Environment" ranks coming in 44th and 45th respectively.  But we did very well when it comes to adult depression and suicide.



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