People seem to be glum lately. Could it be the Stock Market, or the fact that Summer is drawing to an end?

People were recently asked what could happen that would make them instantly feel happier.  Quick responses included

1.  Winning the lottery.

2. Listening to a favorite song.

3.  A longer summer.

4.  Winning a new car.

5.  Sleeping through a whole night.

“We have a long way to go to improve world issues such as the use of plastic, climate change and leadership, but there are smaller things which can be done to elevate feelings day-to-day.

“Sometimes smaller changes can make all the difference, and make a bad week seem better.”

For immediate gratification...maybe a piece of chocolate cake, dinner out at your favorite restaurant, or spending money on something you normally wouldn't might boost your least until you next credit card statement arrives.

(SWNS Digital)


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