You may have heard me say once or twice that Fall is my favorite time of the year.  There are a variety of reasons that this is true, more this year more than others, I have found myself looking for things that are uplifting, that give me a sense of normalcy.

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This year we have all faced uncertainty, business closings, furloughs or layoffs, homeschooling, finding daycare...

And isolation.  Often times we don't think about the lack of social interaction, especially with those living alone or separated from loved ones due to distance or border issues.

I found it therapeutic to get out of the house as often as possible.  To sit on the deck, walk, bike ride...while all the time realizing what we have here in Western New York, and specifically in the northtowns, where I call home.

Lockdown then social distancing, even mask wearing all added to a claustrophobic feeling.  Just being outside provided "a breath of fresh air".

Artpark is close to my home in Lewiston and it provided an opportunity for me to walk, explore, to see areas "up close" that I hadn't taken time to do in a busier world.  It also provided social distance, so I could walk for miles without the mask that I always wore when in the company of others.

Photo Credit: J. Chille
Photo Credit: J. Chille

It also gave me the freedom to see the beauty of our area and in my favorite time of the year to experience Fall, not from pictures online, but in person.

Being on the radio for more than 40 years causes you to look for things that may be interesting to talk about on the air.

In much the same fashion it made me wonder how the beauty I was seeing would translate to a picture.  Having a cellphone as opposed to a camera hanging around your neck was just what I needed.

So I took what I would normally discuss on the radio and put it in picture form.  Try's exhilarating and will hopefully make you more appreciative of some of the simple, beautiful things we have been missing.

Photo Credit: J Chille
Photo Credit: J Chille


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