I hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and it was spent around family and friends. I also hope you had a few laughs and memories that will last a lifetime...



My daughter had her dance recital at Eugenia's on Saturday and I cannot begin to tell you how proud  I am of her. She is absolutely amazing! To see her have a love for the stage and totally rock it, is such an amazing feeling! What I love about Eugenia's is that Miss Holly, the Director, really gave Amber the confidence she needs to go out there and put on a great show. She teaches the kids about respect, how to present themselves and that really does speak volumes. My daughter is quite the entertainer and she is only 7!

Here she is posing with me in her lion costume for her competition dance. Yes, she is 7 and in competition. I am so proud of her!


Every year it seems like the show gets better and better. Amber has been dancing at Eugenia's for 4 years and it really is a perfect fit for her. I love watching her dance and couldn't be more proud of my  Amber Grace!

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