It's "Tell Me Something Good Monday" and this weekend was awesome! I went to Italian Fest and had a blast! On Saturday, I spent the day on a huge project!



I am a single Mom and it can be tough to do things around the house on my own. I learned how to snow blow, use a power drill, and hang heavy paintings, etc... without it ripping out the dry wall.

More recently, I learned how to paint a room. I know this seems silly, but I have never painted a room before in my entire existence. I decided to paint my daughter's room.

My daughter is spending the week with her Dad at the beach house. Of course, I am going absolutely insane without her. We are two peas in a pod and I look forward to her witty banter, laughs, smiles, and tons of questions.

To keep myself busy, I decided to make over her entire room. She doesn't know I did this and it will be a huge surprise for her when she comes back from vacation.

I found this to be relaxing and I laughed at myself several times. I moved the furniture all by myself and as I was moving her bed, I fell on my butt a few times. I woke up with some bumps, bruises, and a sore back but it was so worth it!

Have you ever painted a room before? Any suggestions for me next time? I thought the hardest part was moving the furniture. I did pretty good with the paint!

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