It was absolutely amazing to have sung with Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls on Friday at Dave's Christmas Wonderland. Such an amazing time!



What was even better was raising funds for Music is Art. Dave, Producer Rob, Robby Takac and myself were busking to raise funds. Huge thanks to Mindy Davey for joining us to help.

Townsquare Media donated $500.00 to the cause. What was even cooler was my band. Surrender Reality played the show too. We had an absolute blast! There must have been over 500 people plus inside the mainstage and we were blessed to have played.

There were over 20 stages which included stages on boats... Pure insanity! So many different artists with all types of music, art, live art, it was definitely a phenomenal event.

Seems like every year it gets bigger and better. It is amazing this all stemmed from a few bands playing in a parking lot over 16 years ago.

Huge shout-out to Angela Christoforos of WIVB for coming out on Friday! You can check out the video here:




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