Summer can go by way too fast and leave you feeling like you haven't accomplished all you set out to do in the early days of June. Here's our recommendations for definite to-do's for moms this summer.

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    Plan a night out with girlfriends

    This is an absolute must. Call up your ladies and try out a new bar or restaurant. This year, my girls' night out goal is to get a rooftop table at Tappo!

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    Monkey Business Images Ltd

    Play date with friends from school

    When school's out, your little one's social life may suffer! Kiddos are used to seeing their friends every day at school -- help them keep their social skills sharp (and avoid whining about being bored) by planning playdates with their school friends.

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    Date night with your significant other

    Date nights can range from fancy (weekend at the new Hotel Henry) to ultra casual (beach picnic, or picking berries at Greg's U-Pick), what's important is making time for one another and making the most of the season!

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    Les Cunliffe

    Get to a home improvement project

    It's not all leisure during summer -- it's also a great time to get some projects done around the house. Take the time to paint a new room while it's warm enough to keep the windows open -- grey tones remain the season's trendiest colors. Or get to up-cycling that old dresser you curb-picked earlier in the spring!

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    Make a staycation plan

    Got time off from work, but no budget for a traditional vacation? Staycations can be awesome, as long as you take the same care you would in planning a vacation with a bigger budget. Make an actual agenda of fun activities to do in your neck of the woods. Fun 4 Kids Buffalo is a great website for finding local events.

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    Plan a road trip

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    Jacob Wackerhausen

    Go for a spa day

    Spa 400 is obviously my favorite, but as long as you're taking time for you, that's what really matters.

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    Andres Rodriguez

    Try a new fitness class

    Usually do yoga? Try Cross-fit! Getting bored with spinning? Maybe try boxing! Switch it up this summer!

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    Mykola Velychko

    Play bingo

    Playing bingo is such underrated fun. Don't believe me? Stop at your next local church bingo and prove me wrong.

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    Digital Vision.

    Hire a cleaning service

    Treat yourself and hand over the reigns of housekeeping to a professional! Let a service take care of the things we hate to clean - baseboards, bathrooms, windows, etc.

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    Make a new mom friend

    Mom friends are the best. They get what the demands are of being a mom, and you can merge a play date and an adult get-together in one!


    Get one big "back to school" thing done early

    I know, you don't want to think about it yet. But taking care of some back-to-school stuff before you're totally in summer mode can alleviate some of the rush come September. Hint: even if you don't have school supply lists yet, you know they always need at least 53 glue sticks and plastic folders in random colors. I hit the clearance sales this week and picked up outerwear for the kids (which psychologically is difficult to think about boots now, I get it). One less thing to do in the fall is A-OK by me.

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