During the past three months, many of us have spent more time in our homes.  Some of us are even working from home.

Have you realized that either you have too much "stuff", or you need a more organized space so you can have a home office or a place for your spouse to sit with your kids and homeschool?

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Whatever the reason, once you start cleaning your living area you realize that your extra "stuff" doesn't amount to just a box or a "bag or two"...you could fill a dump truck.

Time to call Tod Cragg and the folks at Cragco Inc. to help.  Cragco provides dumpsters, in four sizes to fit your needs.  I know when you think of dumpsters you think of big, unsightly blue monstrosities, but Cragco's dumpsters are not like that, and they go the extra mile to protect your property.

Call Craigco at 716-791-4055

I recently spoke on the air with Tod Cragg the owner of Cragco Inc.


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