Now if you were lucky as a kid, for the holidays you got at least one magical gift.


The Breeze asked this question on our website and Facebook and got some fun answers, feel free to add your own. One Breeze listener, Susan Walders got a jean jacket one year that she hadn't even told her mom about, but luckily Santa knew.  :-)

Well, the Good Housekeeping Institute is out with the best and safest toys for 2019,

 There are interactive toys that respond to your child’s touch and voice; surprise toys, which are exciting to open and collect; and slime, foam, and other fun compounds to touch. There are lots of ways for kids to learn how to code: from cute bots that 4-year-olds can program to play fetch to four-foot-tall robots that come with voice recognition.

In general, it's still a great year to be a kid.  I hope the tips above helped.


One of Santa's Elves.

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