Job burnout isn’t just an expression — it’s now a bona fide medical disorder and more than half of us think it's a serious problem at their job.

Here are some indicators that you might be burnt out at work, in need of a vacation or maybe even a new job . . .

1.  You're easily annoyed.

2.  A sudden lack of motivation.

4.  A sense of disengagement toward your job, or your co-workers.

3.  Your personality has changed.

5.  Physical symptoms.

“Don’t ignore the symptoms,” said Dr. Fred Pescatore, a New York M.D. , who recommends seeking support through friends and loved ones, or therapy to discuss your career goals. “It may be time to reassess how you’re managing your stress and your role at work. Diet also plays a huge role. Poor diet can make these symptoms worse and increase the risk of further health complications.”

(NY Post)

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