Quite the baby boom at the Buffalo Zoo this summer.  Toni the sea lion pup is the latest addition, and totally adorable!
Malnourished Sea Lions Continued To Be Rescued Off California Shores
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WGRZ writes,

Toni was born June 6 to first time parents, resident sea lions Jesse and Dallas. She has been behind the scenes bonding with her mother since she arrived. Keepers estimate she weighed about 16 pounds when she was born. Toni will now be on exhibit daily from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the zoo.

The other births,

Mohan the rhino also arrived back in June, to mother Tashi. He was born at just over 120 pounds, and now weighs over 350. Mohan is on exhibit daily.

Rounding out the new babies at the zoo are Josie and Daphne, two four-month-old Nigerian dwarf goats. Josie is all black with a white spot on her head, and Daphe is all black. The duo are on exhibit daily at the Delta Sonic Heritage farm.

We didn't see Toni right away because the pup needed some mom bonding time :-)

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