Did you know that there are some rules that you should follow when communicating digitally...in other words on your phone, email, text or social media?

Here is a partial list from USA Today...how many do you agree/disagree with?

  • Respond to texts promptly (unless there is a good reason not to)
  • Don't FaceTime people without shooting them a text first
  • Don't respond to texts with one word answers of emojis, unless you don't want to continue the conversation
  • Never deliver "bad news" via texts or social media.

Other examples include don't leave a message after the beep, don't send too many texts in a row, and don't just start a conversation with "Hey." If you decline incoming phone calls just to text the caller "What's up?" then you, too, have adopted some informal protocols.

Some of these make total sense especially calling someone on FaceTime without texting them first...but if they answer say while they're in the tub or shower, then I would think they're at least partially responsible. LOL


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