If you're single, you date right? I mean, maybe once a week, before major holidays, on Valentine's Day so you don't feel left out.  Or maybe you don't date but you just go out with a friend, with no strings attached. Whatever you call it, are there rules you follow?

  • Availability - one night a week, two nights, a weekend, every other week?
  • Communicating - daily phone calls, texts?
  • Intimacy - talked about between each other, casual, planned?
  • Can you talk to other people on social media, posts (or is that cheating)?
  • When out to dinner, are cell phones "at the ready" or put away?
  • Do you talk about previous relationships, or marriages?

If you're studying up on what to do, or how to start dating again, Bustle has a few more ideas for you.

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