Ewa Mazur

Remember back in the days when we were trying to decide what was the best option for the waterfront in Buffalo?  It looks as though we may have figured it out.

Over the last couple years, Buffalo's waterfront has really gotten a face lift.  With new attractions being added every day, it's really become a destination to bring guests from out of town when they come to visit.  Soon, we will have something else for them (and us) to do.

Riverworks is growing rapidly.  That whole area is incredible if you're looking for things to do.  From the ziplining, to kayak and waterbike rentals, and just hanging out enjoying the water with a nice cold drink on the patio, there's always something to do.

According to a post that they put up on facebook, now, they're adding a Ferris Wheel too!

Yes, we will have to wait until 2021 for this one, but how cool will this be to see our city this way?  Or maybe some live music.  They just added a floating stage to the river too!

And what a cool name for it...the Buffal-O Ferris Wheel.

I didn't realize that they started Riverworks with the help of everyday Buffalonians who believed in them and they'll be looking for help from them again to make this a reality.

There's no word on how you can have a part in bringing this to Riverworks just yet, but they ask that you stay close for more details on how you can help.

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