Canalside may look a little different than what you are used to on your afternoon strolls. 

Starting August 20, the waterways from the summer are now the newest roller rink in town.

Open for Season

The new roller rink at canalside will be open for the fall season from August 20 until October 31, before switching to ice for the winter. This will be the largest outdoor roller rink in the entire state of New York.

How It Was Done and Why

The canals have been draining for about a week and a half, and the roller rink crews have already put up the outer borders to the rink for enforced safety. They are the same borders that will be used for the winter season when the roller rink becomes an ice rink.

The idea for a roller rink in the fall is part of an effort to bring more visitors to canalside in a time when they might not think to visit the waterfront — since most people visit canalside in the warm summer months or to partake in ice skating in the snowier winter months.

What is Permitted?

Visitors to the roller rink are welcomed to bring their own roller skates; however, roller blades will not be permitted. Only the traditional four wheel type of skates will be allowed on the new rink, due to recent research that has shown that skaters on roller blades (otherwise known as inline skates) tend to go too fast. The Buffalo Waterfront Management Group wants to make sure that everyone is safe during their time at the rink. 

Admission and Rentals

The first day for New York’s largest outdoor roller rink is August 20. Admission is only $6 for adults, and admission for kids under 13 receive a discounted rate of $2. Skate rentals will also be available on site for just $4. 

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