Does anyone know what animal this is?

Yesterday, we were about to head out on a pontoon that we rented from Collins Marine in Tonawanda, when we saw this. My grandma was walking down the dock and she was not-so-thrilled about this little guy walking around her all over the place.

This small, brown, furry rodent was walking down the dock. We asked other people who have boat docks, and are regularly in the area if they knew what type of animal it was but no one had any clue. Honestly, it kind of looks like a ferret of something, but I knew it wasn't. When we put it on social media we had all sorts of suggestions as to what it was. Some of the suggestions were an otter (do we even have otters in the Buffalo area?), a mink, and a small fisher cat. We ended up letting it be and just let it find its way off of the dock, which was probably at least 100 yards away from any sort of real land.

Does anyone know what this is?


Update: it seems like the most votes were for the fisher cat. if you do not know what a fisher cat is, it is in the weasel family and more commonly known as a fisher. A fisher is closely related to a marten, but the fisher is bigger. After doing some research though, they don't really eat fish as much as they do squirrels, rabbits, mice and voles.

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