This Wednesday, we will bring in Heather Rease who will be doing Angel card readings on the show.


You know the drill... The first Wednesday of the month, we have a psychic, medium, mystic, etc... come in and help give you some insight on your future. This Wedneday, we have Heather Rease.

Psychic Medium Heather Rease Mattison is an Author, Reiki Master, Paranormal Investigator, Clairaudient, Angel card reader, teacher and Spirit Channeler. She and her husband Bob Mattison own Graestone Manor, a haunted 1865 Victorian Mansion in Gasport NY. She comes from a family of psychics and her grandmother was a gifted tea leaf reader. She teaches classes in pendulum usage for spirit communication, divination and healing. She has been doing readings, seances and house cleansing sessions and blessings for people for over 12 years.

Interested in getting a FREE angel card reading on the show? Call in this Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 8 a.m. for your reading. 716-644-9696


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