The family of former pop star Prince has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital where Prince was treated before he died and against Walgreens pharmacy chain.

The family is claiming that, Trinity Medical Center in Moline, Illinois which treated Prince after an overdose forced the singer's plane to make an emergency landing in 2016, failed to treat Prince's overdose correctly and that their lack of correct treatment was a direct cause of Prince's death.

According to a report in Rollingstone, two members of the hospital staff have been named in the suit;

The estate also accuses Trinity Medical Center doctor Nicole Mancha and a Jane Doe employee, both named in the lawsuit, of misidentifying the pill Prince had taken prior to his overdose. While the pill had the markings of a hydrocodone – a pill with the inscription Watson 853 – investigators later discovered the pill was actually counterfeit and contained fentanyl.

The lawsuit also names Walgreens claiming that two locations gave Prince medication for invalid medical purposes.

Prince's estate filed the lawsuit to bring awareness of the opioid problem across the country.

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