Snow is coming to Western New York over the next couple of days, how much is still up for debate?

With a massive cold front set to come across Lake Erie, and with the lake at a record-warm temperature, plenty of lake effect snow is expected.

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Winter Storm Watches have already been issued and one forecasting model is predicting a crazy amount of snow for Buffalo. The GFS model is calling for over 30 inches of snow for the City of Buffalo.

That model is predicting around 10 more inches that the US model at last check. Here is a look at a couple of other weather model predictions for the lake effect snow for Western New York.

Both of these models have the snowfall in Buffalo at under two feet, which is still a lot but way less than 30 inches.

Again these are early predictions and we know how fickle the lake effect snow bands can be, but we are almost assured that most of Western New York will get some snow this week.

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