The state of New York has a long tie rivalry with its sister state New Jersey and over the weekend, officials using the state's Twitter account had some fun at the expense of the "Garden State"

Most times when you see a politician or an official Twitter page of a state or government you usually get news and other important updates.

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Apparently, the folks that run the State of New York Twitter page let the interns have some fun and this was a tweet that many New Yorkers woke up to over the weekend.

Yep, the official Twitter page of New York took a quick potshot at New Jersey's bagels.

Now, as a native Western New Yorker, I know that the bagels are very good in New York State. They are even better down in New York City, so when I saw this Tweet, laughed out loud. Having been to New Jersey several times and eaten bagels there, I could not agree more that their bagels are subpar to bagels in New York.

In fact, the best bagels in the world can be found in New York City.

According to the website, the top two places in the world for bagels are in New York City. They are Absolute Bagels and the Bagel Store.

New Jersey didn't have any places that made the top list for best bagels in the world.

So while it was unusual to see a Tweet calling out another state's bagels from the official account of New York, I can't really argue that it was wrong.

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