It can be hard to find ways to stay dedicated to your goals if you have little ones you need to chase and chauffeur from place-to-place. But there are options out there that can help you stay with it, like the Southtowns Family YMCA.

It's not just themselves that moms need to worry about keeping fit and active. It's just as important for kids to maintain an active lifestyle, which is becoming more challenging for parents with the allure of video game consoles and smart phones on the rise.

Not every parent has the time or money to invest in organized sports for their child, especially given the prevalence of travel leagues and high-priced equipment. There are alternatives though! Some tips for keeping your kids active on a (financial and time) budget from U.S. News:

  • Get an active pet: A child is much more likely to run around if there is a pet to chase, right? There are plenty of pets that can be adopted for a very low cost, and while it is a big commitment there are low-maintenance breeds of both cats and dogs that can be the spark for playtime.
  • Schedule active time: It can be difficult to improvise playtime with so many other things on your schedule. Why not make playtime one of the things on the schedule? Whether it's some kind of camp, scheduled time outside or with the TV/gadgets off, or a family trip to a park or the local YMCA, having an assigned time to get active can make sure it happens.
  • Embrace non-competitive play: Organized sports are certainly a good outlet for many children, but not for all children. Competitiveness, especially at a younger age, can cause some kids to get discouraged or upset, and if that is the case they are less likely to want to play. Sign them up for a rec league or sports camp where the end game is not a trophy or "the next level" of competition.

For more information, visit the Southtowns Family Branch YMCA online.

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