Science tells us that that sitting too long increases our risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and even certain cancers, and now we find out the we spend more than a quarter of the day sitting.  Not just in a chair at work, in our car or on our computers at home.

Until now, we haven't had data demonstrating the amount of time most Americans spend sitting watching TV or doing other sedentary activities,' said lead author Dr Yin Cao, an epidemiologist and assistant professor of surgery at Washington University.

'Now that we have a baseline, we can look at trends over time and see whether different interventions or public health initiatives are effective in reducing the time spent sitting and nudging people toward more active behaviors.'

The number is even worse for teens. It seem a lot of sedentary habits are formed in early childhood.

'If we can make changes that help children be more active, it could pay off in the future, both for children as they grow to adulthood and for future health-care spending,'

Sedentary behavior is linked to poor health so it is up to us to get our children moving, and to do it by example.

(Daily Mail)

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