2019 is upon us and here are the top 10 New Years Resolutions that EVERYONE is making




Happy New Year! So thankful for 2018 but 2019 HAS to be even better! Here are what some ideas for resolutions:

1.The majority of people want to exercise more. This is fantastic to raise your endorphins, protect your heart, and potentially lose weight

2. Everyone wants to eat healthy. The plan is to start a goal with specifics

3. Save money. You definitely NEED an emergency fund

4. Lose weight. Wouldn't it be nice to lose those unwanted pounds?

5. Reduce stress. Praying and meditation is great for this or leaving the job you hate

6. Stick to a budget. This is really tough for some folks

7. Get more sleep.. That would be awesome!

8. Spend more time with family

9. Learn a new skill, Gotta sharpen it up!

10. Travel more. OMG! YES!

What is your New Year's Resolution?

Can you think of anything else that should have made this list?


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