This month you will have a chance to see a Buffalo restaurant's food challenge on National TV.

It was back in November of 2021 that a friend of mine, Dave Cash, posted on his Facebook page that he was interviewed by Cooking Channel star Casey Webb while Webb was in town filming his series "Man Vs Food".

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Dave was having lunch at Brawler's Back Alley Deli and that is when he ran into Webb and the crew of "Man Vs Food". Brawlers' has a special food challenge that anyone can take a shot at taking down.

The Challenge is called  The "Brawler's Back-Alley Barrel Sandwich Challenge". It is made up of a brisket sandwich that is topped with tons of other meats and cheeses and weighs in at around 3.5 to 4 pounds of food. You have one hour to finish the sandwich to win the challenge.

If you can down the sandwich in the allotted time you get a free t-shirt, the meal for free, and your picture on the wall inside of Brawler's Back Alley Deli.

If this seems like something you want to try yourself, according to the website you need to call Brawler's 24 hours in advance to make a reservation. The website states that you can take the challenge on weekdays between 11 am and 3 pm.

Now if you just want to see someone take on the challenge, the episode of "Man Vs Food" will air on the Cooking Channel coming up on July 19th at 7:30 pm.

Do you think you could beat this 4-pound sandwich Challenge?

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