If you have been following along this week on 'Because I Said So' you know that we have taken Local Restaurant Week very seriously.  We have been stuffing our faces all week, and today we had the all new Dock Waterfront Bar & Grill in studio to continue our assault on eating.


Head Chef Scott came in to talk with us and brought a bunch of great food with him.  We were able to try some stuffed mushrooms that were out of this world,  a Beef on Weck salad (yes you read that correct), a steak, some glazed salmon, and rigatoni - it's like we hit the food lottery!


The Dock Waterfront Bar & Grill is under new management and they have some big plans to make 2017 the best year yet!  I am excited to get out there this summer and enjoy one of the best outdoor patios in Buffalo right on the water.


If you missed our interview today with Scott you can hear it here.  We recommend you do not listen on an empty stomach!

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