It's everyone's favorite week in Buffalo! Local Restaurant Week runs all week long (3/20-3/26/17) and while we WNYer's have never needed an excuse to go out and sample our local chef's wares, a $20.17 meal is a pretty good one!

All week, Val Townsend and Tony P are sampling some of Buffalo's best on the air during "Because I Said So".  We're living vicariously through them since the fryers usually aren't switched on at 5am (then again, it IS Buffalo....maybe we should've re-thought this!).


With SO many options out there, it's hard to narrow down a few. But that's the task we put you to this morning.  Assemble your best Buffalo day of meals, meaning breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but ONLY with WNY restaurants!

Laura's Picks:

BREAKFAST:  Biscuits and Gravy, Betty's
LUNCH:  Salad Bar from Wegman's AND Mooney's Steak and Cheese Mac'n'Cheese
DINNER: Cheese Pizza (yes, plain) from Olisi's and Bourbon Wings from Dwyer's in NT

Eric's Picks:

BREAKFAST: Chicken and Waffles, Providence Social
LUNCH: Spaghetti Parm with Meatballs, Chef's
DINNER: Sesame Crust Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza, Casa di Pizza and Medium Wings from Duff's on Sheridan

Batter up!  Your turn! How would you fill in the Buffalo Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner?

Need some motivation?  Here are 10 meals the Buffalo News says you've gotta try this week!

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