We continue our assault on local restaurant week with the New York Beer Project.  The owners came into the studio today with an assortment or delicious items off of their menu, and each one was better than the next.  To top it off, they also brought beer.  Can you say win-win!!


New York Beer Project owners Kevin & Kelly Krupski are fascinating people living the American dream.  They decided after visiting several breweries in Colorado that they wanted to open one in Lockport, NY.  So they did.  No experience or background in the business, they just had vision and a whole lot of guts...and it is paying off big time!

Giant Pretzel from NYBP

The gastropub is only 15 months old, so it is in it's infancy, but it is running like a well oiled machine.  This is evident by the droves of people who frequent it everyday.  We decided that we can't fight our way in so we would just have them bring some food to us!  Genius right??!  It turned out to be the best idea ever.


They spoiled us today with a rack of ribs that were to die for.  I personally was blown away by the sauce they used on them, it was amazing.  They also brought a flight of sliders that didn't stand a chance against my stomach, and a giant soft pretzel with some signature dipping sauces.  Throw on some dessert doughnuts and this was a feast for a King...or an afternoon radio show!


Val and I ate everything.  Literally everything.  We left no evidence of NYBP's visit other than the audio from the show today.  Listen here to learn more about this great dining destination.

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