NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV) reports that notices went out to parents in the Lancaster school district Monday that beginning next Monday, December 14 schools in their district will switch from fully remote back to hybrid for students in grades K-12.

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By definition, hybrid learning combines face-to-face instruction with online learning. When faced with coronavirus school re-openings, a hybrid model reduces the number of students in the building by moving some of the course delivery online.

“Based on information and data from local, state, and national health professionals, schools are safe places for students,” a statement from Lancaster superintendent Michael J. Vallely said. “Moreover, it has been shown that they have much less COVID-19 transmission than the larger community, especially when faculty, staff and students faithfully follow the virus mitigation strategies.”

The statement from District officials goes on to say...

“In Lancaster, we believe that students learn best while in school with their teacher(s),” the statement continues. “Our goal has been to have our young people in school learning to the fullest extent possible. Getting students back to in-person instruction as quickly as possible is imperative for their academic needs as well as their social/emotional needs.”

Back in November, Lancaster had the highest numbers for Coronavirus infection in the State. At the time there was some concern by residents that nursing homes in the area might be driving the high numbers.

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