It was nice having a mini-summer in Western New York last weekend, but those warm temperatures we had could come back to bite us this weekend.

The temperature of Lake Erie remains in the 50s and with a cold front moving across the area this weekend, the combination of warm lake water and cold air could bring plenty of lake effect snow to Western New York.

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WGRZ's Patrick Hammer stated that the snow could be here in Western New York by Saturday evening.

Channel 7's Aaron Mentkowski is calling for a couple of inches by Sunday in the Southern Tier.

So why does Lake Effect snow really have an impact in Western New York? According to the National Weather Service, when Lake Erie is warm and cold air from Canada moves through the area is when we get into trouble.

Lake Effect snow occurs when cold air, often originating from Canada, moves across the open waters of the Great Lakes. As the cold air passes over the unfrozen and relatively warm waters of the Great Lakes, warmth and moisture are transferred into the lowest portion of the atmosphere. The air rises, clouds form and grow into narrow band that produces 2 to 3 inches of snow per hour or more.


Of course, as we all know bands of Lake Effect snow can be really narrow or super wide. Cheektowaga might get snow but Amherst gets nothing. So the snow if the forecast could be for the town over and you have sunny skies.

Photo Credit: NWS
Photo Credit: NWS

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