This academic year has been a big challenge for me --- balancing my position as Associate Professor of Communication and Media Arts at Genesee Community College, along with my new after-school job on the air from 3-7pm here at Mix96.

I successfully applied for a year-long sabbatical from my position at the college, which will be for next academic year. Meaning, this week is my last week of classes for the regular term.

This morning my students from my COM 110 Intro To Broadcasting class had me both confused and speechless (unusual for me), having brought in an amazing cake, donuts, cookies and other goodies. They also wrote some nice greetings for me on the white board, and I did my best to swallow my happy tears.

Sometimes teaching can be frustrating and not feel as rewarding as maybe it did at some point earlier in your career...I'm so grateful to be reminded that I've had an impact on these amazing students. Happy summer break everyone!

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