It's National Chocolate Chip Day... How are you celebrating? Are you the 36% of Americans who "like" them?


You know me and my studies & polls... I love finding out all of the new studies and what people vote on. In a recent poll only 36% of people actually "like" chocolate chips. 5% of people say they "dislike" them. 2% of people say they hate them (get rid of those people, you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.) and 57% of people "LOVE" them.

What does this mean?

93% of people are pro chocolate chip. This might be the biggest consensus than anything else in our entire country!

Now, don't confuse National Chocolate Chip day with National Chocolate Chip COOKIE day. Today is just the chips.

How do you like your chocolate chips? I am a milk chocolate fan myself. I like them on my hot fudge sundae, or eaten right out of the package.

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