We LOVE Angela Christoforos from Channel 4... So much so, we invited her to join us today.



Angela Christoforos was the first person in Buffalo to fire off the very first Christmas song of 2018. We had a blast having her on the radio with us! We had even more fun on Channel 4 this morning too. We were dancing, singing, laughing, and having a great time in the studio.

We were playing your requests all morning long too! Missed the spot? You can see it here:

We heard your requests and we are the first official radio station in Buffalo to play Christmas music 24/7 Thanks so much for joining us Angela!

Happy Holidays to everyone in Buffalo! Hopefully, the music will bring you a bit of Holiday cheer!

How are you celebrating the Holidays this year? What is your all time favorite song?

Do you think we will have a white Christmas?


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