I attended a wedding over the weekend and it was absolutely epic... Why?



I attended a wedding of Jennifer and Bill. Two people who are totally in love with each other pledging their love and partying it up. Weddings in general are just amazing! The music, people dancing, singing, and of course the open bar!

What made this wedding epic for me?

Well, they know I adore pizza and instead of the typical chicken and roast beef, they ordered me two slices of pizza from Ferro's. This was absolutely epic!!!!! Pizza is my absolute favorite food and that was just totally awesome!!!




Of course, the guys were celebrating by smoking a celebratory cigars:

wedding 3

Aren't they such a cute couple? The cake was absolutely amazing! It was homemade too!

wedding 4

Here are some additional pics of the fun

wedding 1
wedding 2

I had such a great time. Weddings are just awesome! You can't have a bad time at a wedding. What was your most memorable wedding?


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