Saturday was April Fools Day, and as with every year that it is celebrated you need to be on your guard.  You never know when or where a trickster will strike.  I took part in some shenanigans on Saturday but what happened on that day was no laughing matter.


The day began innocently enough with Val Townsend and I doing a radio show at 3pm and acting like it was Monday.  Mix96's very own Sam Taylor fell for this when she heard us on the radio and panicked.  We all got a big laugh out of this and felt like April Fools was off to a great start.  That's when the nightmare began...


I went to Mighty Taco for a mid day snack and ordered a Super Mighty with extra sour cream.  They charged me for the extra sour cream but then didn't give it to me.  Very funny guys, you got me.


Later that day I ordered some wings from Anchor Bar for dinner.  I got them to go, and when I got home I opened the box to find some deliciously perfect BBQ wings.  Life was great, until I dipped my wing into what I thought was Bleu Cheese was really Ranch Dressing.  What kind of sick person would play a prank like that????  Ranch on wings!!?! Not in my lifetime!  This day was slowly turning into a nightmare.


As I went to bed that night to try and put this day of horrors behind me, I realized my garage door was still open.  I had to get up out of bed, walk all the way downstairs, press the button to close the garage, walk all the way back upstairs and get back into bed. Once I got back into bed I realized I left the outside lights on.  Well played Universe, well played.



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