Ho-Ho-Hold On...How much does Christmas Spirit actually cost?

A new study found that the average person will spend almost $100,000 on Christmas throughout their life.  That's $1,556 per year for 60 years.  And here's how that breaks down . . .

1.  $235 per year on decorations and stuff for the home.

2.  $301 on food.

3.  $375 on gifts.

4.  And $645 on hosting parties, dinners, and fixing up your home before guests come.

Now, your results may vary . . . for instance if you like to travel, at the holidays instead of hosting parties at home.

But the average cost of Christmas (if you will pardon the expression) is $1,500 a year . . . which gets you close to six figures over your adult life.

And guys just think of how much of that is spent on Christmas Eve Ho-Ho-holy procrastinating.



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