Sometimes just getting through the day can be like climbing a mountain.  Well, if you want to wind down after a looooong day, then check out this Netflix documentary called "The Dawn Wall."

This is an amazing tale of perseverance, of free climber Tommy Caldwell & his climbing partner Kevin Jorgeson.  The two had one goal to scale the impossible 3000ft Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, California.

The documentary does a brilliant job  offering the backstory on why two young men would ever attempt this!

Get this, the two actually lived on the sheer vertical cliff in a tent, hooked to the wall, generating a huge media frenzy.

Director Peter Mortimer does a solid job, with an array of close-ups and angles, that literally make you feel as if you are on the wall.  Your stomach will knot with every leap and hand grasp these two young men make.  It's simply a thrilling narrative that ends on one impossible wall within the glory and beauty  of Yosemite.

Tommy Caldwell is so committed that even after losing an index finger, he still persists.  But there is more to Tommy's story.  Won't give it away here, but it's extraordinary that he didn't give up, after one challenge upon the other.

Guarantee that after watching this, you might approach your workday differently, persistence is a beautiful thing!


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