Late last week before the Buffalo Bills defeated the Atlanta Falcons, Altlanta running back Mike Davis took to social media and wrote that he thinks that Atlanta has the best wings and "who wanna argue?".

Insert Buffalo Bills long snapper Reid Ferguson to the chat.

Although, Reid just let the Buffalo wings do the talking. He sent Davis an order of Bar Bill Tavern Wings to his hotel room once he got to Buffalo for the game. It is probably safe to say that he changed his mind. Davis then said "I can't lie Buffalo has some great wings ....  I take everything back I said".

Speaking of Bar Bill. 

At one point in our lives, we've all walked into Bar Bill in East Aurora and have asked 'how do you get a mug up there?' Well, anyone can get a mug--but, there's a waiting list.

Once you get your name on the mug and you're on the wall--you're kind of on a time limit. If the bartenders notice that you have no been in a little bit, they'll put a napkin in your cup--if it's been a while the napkin is in there--you're moving UPSTAIRS to storage.

You're not officially retired when that happens, but you don't get to be on the wall. There's a room above Bar Bill with TONS of glasses that fill the wall--I believe around 4,000 of them! If you are in the can still get your mug for use-- but, you still get the boot from being on the main wall!

Note: The different color paper doesn't mean anything.

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