Some places like West Seneca and Hamburg got well over three feet of snow in a day. While that is a lot of snow, those numbers wouldn't have cracked the Top 5 snowiest days ever recorded in New York State.

Here is a quick look at the snowiest days in New York State history.

5. 42.5 inches - Apalachin, New York - December 17th, 2020

4. 45 inches - Watertown International Airport, December 10th, 1995

3. 47.5 inches - Highmarket, New York January 6th, 1988

2. 47.5 inches - East Aurora, New York November 20th, 2014

The Snowiest Day ever in New York State history happened way back in 1966.

According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, February 1st, 1966 turned out to be the snowiest day in New York State history. On that date, 50 inches of snow fell in Camden, New York.

While we have gotten close to those totals this week, there was no single day that would have reached the top 5.

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Here is a look at some of the snow totals from this week in New York State.  Some places in Western New York have gotten over 5 feet of snow this week.

Capital Region Snowfall Totals January 16, 2024

Winter Storm Heather was supposed to be a light storm that just brought a few inches of snow to the region. That shifted quickly overnight bringing another decent snowfall to the Capital Region in Upstate New York on Tuesday, January 16th. Here are snowfall totals from around the region from the National Weather Service.

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Hudson Valley's Top 10 Ways to Enjoy a Snow Day

People like my friend Stew S on Facebook were "Listening to WRRV all day" during January's first snowstorm. He knew what's up! Other folks in the Hudson Valley found other ways to stay busy. Did your response make the list? Share the link and let us know!

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