If you are headed out to Highmark Stadium this Sunday for the Buffalo Bills playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, there is one item you will want to make sure you have with you.

For all of you who tailgate, the last time you want to do for several hours is hold a cold beer or pop can in your hand. So here in Buffalo, the home of the chicken wing, there is a new way to keep your drink cold, and your hand warm, and show off your Buffalo pride.

That is with the Buffalo Chicken Wing Koozie!

The Buffalo Chicken Wing Koozie is the brainchild of local artist David Shriver who is a lifelong Bills fan. Shriver said he was inspired by the Cheese Hat that Green Bay Packer fans wear and wanted to give Buffalo fans something to show off their love of Buffalo's favorite food.

Since there are already wings hats, he thought that since we eat wings with our hands, why now make something that would feel natural in the hands of a Buffalonian?

Hence, the creation of the Buffalo Wing Koozie.

Photo Credit: David Shriver
Photo Credit: David Shriver


According to the artist, each koozie is handmade using a casting process and different elements to allow the koozie to hold its shape, glow in the dark, and just look really awesome.

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As a member of Team Drumstick, I love the fact that these koozies look like the perfect wing you would get right out of the fryer at Bar-Bill or Duff's.

The koozies are currently on sale for $24.99 online HERE.

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